Asif Ali Gohar has Successfully Grown a New Floribunda Rose Variety Named Gohar

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Nov 15 · 2 min read

The Gohar rose has big leaves, is long-stemmed, resistant, and has a flowering period until late autumn.

Asif Ali Gohar, a rose grower from Pakistan, has successfully grown a new floribunda rose variety named Gohar. The rose is very resistant. It has big leaves, is long-stemmed, and the flowering period lasts until late autumn. “I am very proud to find this variety, this is the pinnacle of my efforts so far. I am grateful for my family support to develop the Gohar variety. I will introduce this new variety to the public, and I trust it will find great reception.’ said Asif Ali Gohar. Aside from being a gardener, Asif Ali Gohar is a caring father of two children and comes from a gardener’s family, and he has been running the family garden shop in Lahore, Pakistan for more than ten years. “Roses are my big love, and I have been cross-breeding roses for many years. I’m very excited about the new rose variety,” he added.

Gardeners have a great interest in Floribunda due to its easiness to grow. They are also easy to take care of, and bloom for a long time. The Floribunda rose is the outcome of crossing the polyantha rose with a modern hybrid tea rose. Its flowers are medium-sized, infrequently larger than three inches, and it produces clustering flowers on a single stem. Even though the floribunda rose blooms for a long time, it is not prominent for its perfume. But although it is not common, some kinds of floribunda roses are indeed perfumed. Floribunda roses grow best in beds, even though they can also flourish as ornamental plants. If there is not available a lot of space for planting, floribunda roses can be grown in pots without any problems.

Asif Ali Gohar advice for rose gardeners: “Regardless of the type of rose you plant in your garden or whether you have various types of roses that adorn your flower beds, it is important for you to spend a lot of time and effort in caring for your rose garden.”

About Asif Ali Gohar

Asif Ali Gohar was born in 1980. He has been running the family garden shop in Lahore, Pakistan, for more than ten years. His big love is roses. He has just grown a new floribunda rose variety named Gohar.