I’m 26 years old, and I’m finally feeling like an adult, not in the sense of I’m super mature can someone get me some more cavier type of way but IM no longer in the bubble of my parents world, IM someone who originally moved out at 19 ,didn’t go to college cause of a need to sing and songwrite and ya know have hope and what not. I basically carved out a path I new would be bumpy, but experience and storytelling has always been a strong passion of mine, and music really fits with that lifestyle just perfectly. people that know me tend to think they know who I am, but I can never seem to share the whole me thing all at once. so when I write it just feels like my tool to freedom , all those times trying to work through mentally what Im not physically solving yet is now released. Yes released into just a two to three minute song, , and its the best feeling when people end up reaching out instead of pointing the finger because they connect or just like getin down to your jam, either way love is love . anywho back to where I’m at today, I recently left my parents house again which I moved back into when I was 20–25. I have to say I do love my parents with all my heart, but ya know it was just time to forge my adult path and see what kind of day to day routines Id create without questions asked. I’ve always been one to trust my gut and intuition, and I know that is because growing up my mom always held that of high importance. something I really value about my mom is she always has let me trust my gut, and let me dream big I didn’t have to draw out a map of how and when with her it was all about consistency and belief. My Dad being a 1st AD has always been a bit more structured which we has lead us to sometimes not see eye to eye on things, but he to has always been a supporter of me. Anywho so that was just a quick parent run through. Anywho as scattered as these thoughts are it always feels good to write it out , and as scattered as life can be I must say this year things are coming more together and I know I have many destinations to get to but I’ve definatly been enjoying the stops.

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