#1) Becoming a Product Owner, When You Have No Product

If you’re working for a company that kind of has it’s shit together you might have previously found yourself where I was last week. I was asked where I want my career to go.

Currently I’m a mid-level engineer but to be honest, when I look at the engineers in roles ‘above’ me, I’m not really excited to pursue that career path.

Creating software is a multi-disciplinary endeavor and I’m interested in every aspect. However, very few roles in a software company allow you to exercise all of these muscles simultaneously. Save for the product owner.

Within my company there are several product owners and recently a role just happened to open up.

But after speaking to our company recruiter, I felt like I did when I graduated college. Knowing I could do a specific job but missing that 1–2 years experience doing that specific job.

How do get product owner experience when I don’t own a product?

While I’m certain I can conceptualize a product and build it, like many engineers out there, I tend to lose interest soon after I launch a project.

Building the products has become easy. It’s getting anyone to give a shit about it that’s proving to be difficult and admittedly that is where my product ownership experience needs to grow.

So what can I do about this? And why do you, my good reader, care?

I decided I’m going to build a product so I can be it’s product owner with rules.

And these rules, and subsequent posts, are for you. Any aspiring product owners or solo entrepreneurs out there who are looking to see what another person is doing with their own, probably shitty, idea.

There is no ‘backing’ or ‘team’. It’s just me, trying to make something cool in my spare time.

I will elaborate on the rules of this project in my next post but I’ve learned the hard way what kind of projects can be completed and promoted in your spare time. So we’re going small.

The focus will be on building a very simple application so my extra time can be spent on finding users and building towards their needs.

So even if you’re non-technical, then maybe you can pursue a similar project on your own.

With that said, lets’ get started.

If this sound mildly interesting, please like or follow so I have a sense of your interest. I’m not trying to sell anything, start an email list, or growth hack anything. But a little encouragement always helps. Cheers.