6 Gemstones And Their Power Explained

Gemstones And Their Power Explained

Gemstones are commonly precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystal and exotic minerals with metaphysical symbolism, healing properties and powers, and spiritual meaning. All the gemstones have powers to bless us with good health, good fortunes and wealth and provide a solution to our problems. Gemstones have both negative and positive energies. Gemstones are very beautiful with its elegant appearance and color.

Here are some gemstones with their power explained -them.

Amethyst Gemstone


Amethyst is very powerful and one of the healing stones. It guards against negative energy and psychic attack. It has strong healing and cleansing powers. It enhances memory and motivation. It is the gemstone of peace, courage and strength. It reveals insomnia, blood flow problems etc.

Here are some properties and healing power of amethyst gemstone is:

1. Bacteria Fighter

2. Wound Support

3. Sleep Support

4. Blood circulation

5. Mood Support

Emerald Gemstone


Emerald is the symbol of purity and love and commitment. It enhances love and friendship. The gemstone is, in reality, most connected with the Heart Chakra. Some additionally trust it can upgrade memory and instinct.

Emeralds are known to mend both emotional love and the physical heart. It is an intense vitality stone, strengthening the eyes, heart and resistant framework and additionally the nervous system.

Turquoise Gemstone


Turquoise is the oldest stone in man’s history. Turquoise is the symbol of friendship. If your loving friend gives a turquoise to you, that stone would protect you from the negative wives and it brings good fortune. It is also very helpful to bring peace at home. The more green shaded Turquoise precious stones may strengthen the heart based energy.

The energy of Turquoise stones may help you while you are in meditation, to explore past lives. If you are a shy person, Turquoise stones may help you to contribute more to discussions, and to know when what you need to say has value and validity.

Onyx Gemstone


Onyx is also the very powerful gemstone. It absorbs all the negative energy. Black onyx helps to grow emotional and physical strength. Onyx especially useful for skin problems, fungal diseases, and healing infected injuries. Onyx should be discharged once every week under running water. And if used over a long period of time, place it on the earth overnight once a month, it will help to regenerate its powers and keep its energy.

Blue Sapphire GEmstone


Calm, intuition, and positive vitality. Once more, sapphires are colorful, so each tone gloats its own particular properties. Also know How to Wear Blue Sapphire gemstone. In any case, the associating string is this: All sapphires are effectively associated with the Third Eye, empowering higher intuition, Calmness, and all-around great vibes.

Ruby Gemstone


Ruby is the stone of energy, courage and love. The most antiquated records contain data expressing that Rubies were utilized to detoxify the blood, keep starvation and assurance from the plague. The Ruby is still known to be utilized to expel poisons from the blood and the whole body.