Be who you want to be

A lot of times you get told that you just have to be yourself and you shouldn’t put on an act. And often you get told that people cannot change. They put a character on you how people see you and how you see yourself. That’s how you are, right?

That’s not true.

I thought so too only recently that I am who I am and I cannot get rid of my shyness. But then I read that you yourself have created your own personality through experiences and your way of thinking.

You are responsible for your character because you experiences situations and they changed our way of thinking.

That means that we can also change our self to a person we really want to be. When I first read about it, I was surprised and then it made sense.

Now I see it clear that I’m the person who you can change my character and that neither the situation nor the past is responsible for that but myself because I reacted to it and formed behavioral patterns and concepts in my mind.

That is the same principal as when you are stressed out from for example your sister and you blame her for it but she is not guilty. You allow her to be in control of your emotions. You decide what you are feeling in that moment. You let yourself be stressed out because of her but it’s your choice.

And that’s the same as with our personality.

We can decide who we want to be. At first it will be difficult to put that into practice but it’s like that quote says: “Fake it until you make it”.

Live how you want to live and be who you want to be.

Live like who you want to be in the future or right now and then you will be that person.

We can influence our self with our thoughts and behaviors because you are not your thoughts.

You are in your own way to create something big because you think that’s how you are and what the others are expecting from you. So people put a label on you and if you don’t behave like that then they look at you like you’re crazy.

The society is controlling us so much that we are working 40 hours per week in a job we don’t want to do just to earn money to spend it on things we don’t need, just to make us look good in that society.

How much free time would we have if we wouldn’t be so concerned about looking good with expensive TVs and cars.

Be who you want to be! And live your life!