Focus on other things and not always on yourself

Sunrise over the mountains in Austria. © Eva-Maria Ahrer

How often are you thinking about yourself? When you’re going out, do you think about your appearance? Or do you recognize the reality and perceive your environment? Do you take a look at what other people are wearing or how they look?

We all focus too much on ourselves. Why else do we think about our clothes in the morning for a long time?

Because you just realized that we all are always focused on ourselves, it shouldn’t matter anymore what others are thinking about us. Because other people are also only focused on themselves.

But we should focus on much more important stuff. For example on friends and family we love. They also have problems and you should bring life, love and worth in their life. Because loving people and relationships are important in life and much more important than your appearance when you go shopping.

Don’t think too much about yourself and what other people think about you. Because only when you focus on other stuff and people, you will be yourself.

We ourselves are our biggest obsession because we spend our whole life with ourselves. Because of that we think too much about ourselves. But life doesn’t happen in your head, it happens outside of it. Everything you’re thinking or dreaming about just happens in your head. The other people around you and the life outside don’t know about it and don’t change because of your thoughts.

But your attitude to life changes with your thoughts. We think too much about ourselves and what we’re doing right now, but life doesn’t change. Because life goes on, no matter what you’re thinking right now. Every second goes by just like this.

The next moment is already gone by and your thoughts cannot change that.

Leave your thoughts and your head and go out into the real life. The life and the people have so much to offer. And you don’t want to miss that just because you’re still holding on to your thoughts and fantasies.

Nobody can read your mind. So nobody will ever know what you’re thinking or why you’re doing something until you tell them.

Your dreams and fantasies are only in your head and if you don’t do anything to realize them, they will never get real. Until you make them a reality they are only brain waves, nothing more.

Leave your head and live your life! There is so much to discover, to feel and to live.

Be yourself by going out of yourself and not focusing on yourself anymore.

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