Set Priorities To Save Money

Set priorities like the brightest stars. © Eva-Maria Ahrer

Generally, I’m a thrifty person since I once spend too much money on something completely nonsense. I never had the need to buy something big like a new TV, a playstation or festival tickets. But I’m still spending a lot of money on small things like spontaneous shopping of sweet stuff and dresses.

Somehow I’m always waiting for something coming up that I want to buy or I’m saying to myself that I want to spend it on trips but I’m not doing any summer holidays and if I do I’m also saving money on that trip.

Everybody has a thing that he wants to treat himself with in the future like a new kitchen, a car or a long holiday. But we are still spending money on small stuff that we don’t need or use. That’s why we should stop and think about it first before we are buying something new. Do we even need that thing? Do we already have something like that at home? Because instead of buying a new dress for 50€ that looks pretty but you will never wear it then you can save that money and have a nice big dinner on a vacation for example. The money is then much worth.

The one important point and tip when saving money is that you should set priorities and stick to them. One priority could be, except for the basic needs that you want to spend money on life experiences and adventures. Instead of spending money on clothes or decoration you can save that money to go to a concert, to meet friends or to go on a weekend trip.

And setting priorities is important in every part of your life because you can choose what you want to spend money on or what you want to do in your free time. If you like to watch TV after work than that’s a priority for you. You set the TV as a priority of your free time and you’re not meeting with friends or so instead. You want to sit at home and relax instead of going out and taking action. And there’s nothing wrong with it, everybody needs time to relax. But then you shouldn’t be in a bad mood for not going out because you chose that priority.

A lot of people like to stay in their comfort zone and I’m also one of them because the sofa or the bed are really comfortable. But then you have to put up with the fact that you yourself set the priority and that you will not see something new. If you want to break out of your comfort zone you have to set new priorities and overcome yourself and the bad feeling.

There is so much to see outside what you cannot see from your couch. You will not be getting happy by only being lazy at home.

I’m digressing from the topic. I just wanted to write about saving money. Relating to this I now changed my priorities. Right now I’m trying to sell stuff that I don’t need online. Every time I’m selling something I’m feeling a little lighter.

Additionally I’m not buying any clothes except when it’s really necessary for example if the short trousers for the summer are damaged. But I’m avoiding spontaneous shopping by writing a list of stuff I need or by buying online because then I can’t see the good looking sweets in the shelves.

A Few More Tips

And I have a few more tips which I’m trying to put to practice:

  • buying lunch at supermarket, in the cafeteria or preparing it at home
  • cooking more for myself
  • drinking more water
  • not going out so often
  • turning off the standby of all the devices
  • saving water
  • getting rid of the subscription
  • checking and documenting all the expenses
  • no spontaneous shopping
  • Foodsharing

It’s not so easy to save money especially when you’re with people and you don’t want to look like a spoilsport. But there are always cheaper possibilities where you can save money. For example you can order a water instead of a coke at the restaurant or you can buy a small bag of popcorn at the cinema. Additionally you can research for discounts or coupons, there you can save a lot of money (i.e. students discounts).

I hope that you can use the tips and put them to practice. Do you have more tips or experiences?

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