“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” — St Augustine

Valencia, Spain. © Karina Ahrer

Traveling is a really important part in my life and I love to get to know new cultures. It expands your box in which you’re living in. It changes your view of the world and life.

A lot of people are stuck in their life and believe everything the media is telling them. Because of that a lot of things get generalized. A lot of people think that all muslims are terrorists and brutal. They also think that Mexico is dangerous because of the drugs. They just believe it because that’s what they see in movies, series and newspapers without ever being there or meeting people from this country or religion.

Far away from it prejudices are getting build really fast from hearing stuff, even if they never had something to do with it or them.

And the media and the newspapers are making money from us readers who like to read bad news because that’s when we buy more newspapers. The headlines and texts need to shock and need to lead to discussions.

That’s why we believe the world is terrible and dangerous because we never hear the good news.

But the world has never been so good and we never had such a good life. We haven’t had a war for almost 70 years now in Europe and no World War. We don’t need to be afraid anymore that a war will break out in Europe. We are well.

Being stuck in your hometown

Travelling is a passion of mine. I love to learn and discover new things. Also in my own hometown I’m discovering new things and buildings.

The world has so much to offer and a lot of them don’t see this.

My previous schoolmates which are travelling but have never lived outside their hometown. A lot of them are still living in their parent’s house and are taking over their family’s company, or already have the same normal job for more than 5 years, have kids or are engaged. And I’m 23.

They have never seen anything of the world and are still staying in their own world with gossip from the local Coffeeshop or the newspaper.

There are so many possibilities out there in the world but they will never even see them. What a pity.

I think it’s important that you get to know and appreciate new point of views. Everybody should know that there is more outside to see, bad and good things, dangerous and peaceful.

You experience so many new things while travelling and the experiences you’re making are always worth the money. Before you’re spending money on new clothes and new technologies, you should consider first if you can and want to spend the money for new experiences in foreign countries instead. Nobody can steal your memories and experiences, but they can steal a TV.

When you’re travelling you should get off the tourist path and get to know the country behind it. You don’t get to know the culture by looking at sights. A country has so much more to offer than a few buildings and monuments. People, music, pleasure possibilities, food and drinks…

Learning and discovering new things enriches and changes your life.

Travel as much as possible! You will learn for life. You discover new cultures and get to know new people! The experiences will enrich your life and will make you happier (than any TV on earth)!

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