Your vision and how you can change the world

park in Hamburg. © Karina Ahrer

What is your vision? What is the purpose, why you’re living?

Have you ever thought about that?

What do you want to change in the world?

A lot of people are complaining about others, their life and the world, but aren’t doing anything against it. You always get the same back that you spread out. If you don’t like something about our world or other people, then just change it.

It’s so simple.

But many people are just talking and thinking about but don’t do anything against it. To change the world and your own life, you have to change this moment and yourself.

Start making changes at yourself.

That what you want to change or miss in the world, you should first change it at yourself and your own life.

If for example you want to protect the environment, then you could eat less meat, consume more sustainable electricity, use less plastic or buy only organic products.

If you like to fight against poverty and famine, then start in your own city by helping refugees or poor people, or donate something to a local aid organization.

But start at yourself with those desired changes.

Then your environment and your world will change and also all the others that are a part in your life.

Your view of the world will change and you will recognize more possibilities to change more in the world and to put your vision into practice.

You can make the world a better place by starting at yourself and live it.

Don’t try to teach or despise the others just because they don’t live like you. Instead set an example by living it and they will recognize it and they will change with you, if they are a part in your life.

Put your vision into practice and don’t just talk about it. Put it into practice in your life, and the world, your environment and the people within will change too.

What is your vision for this world and your life?

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