Advantage of location tracking software for companies working with field employees

Tracking field staff could be a time consuming job, if you are using mobiles for location tracking but it will be a hassle free job, if you switch to location tracking software.

If you are still using mobiles for tracking your field staff then it’s time to switch to gps location tracking software and take advantage of the latest tracking technology. And you won’t have to spend millions on the new tech gear and nor will you need buying new hardware or software to upgrade the present tracking technology. The transition from mobile tracking to gps tracking will be smooth and inexpensive.

To understand advantages of the software, you have to go through its features

Real time tracking

The software will give real time location in an understandable manner. Instead of determining location and position of your employees from descriptions, you will see their location on a physical map. Also the employees don’t need updating their location on the software as it will keep track of each employee.

Determine availability of your employees

The field staff doesn’t need updating their location but they can update their availability on the software. Use the software as an online timesheet and ask your team members to keep you posted about their jobs. They will enter the job details on the software. The software will save the details with date and time and you will see the data in real time. The location tracking software will help you determine availability of employees. You can see which employee is working on which project and how much time the employees are investing on individual projects.

Invoice making

When a job is complete, a detailed invoice is prepared for consideration of the client. It is a very technical job as calculations have to be accurate. Here the software can provide real help. It can make error free calculations and also it can add overdue payment to current bills. You only need entering your charges for different services and the taxes applied in the software. The application will keep record of every payment and add overdue payments wherever needed.

Now look at the advantages of using the software

Time saving

Have you ever thought how much time is wasted in determining location of employees on phone calls? The software will provide you real time location of your team members in an easy-to-understand manner. The employees won’t be surprised by your phone calls and also they won’t need describing their location with landmarks and point of interests.

Client service

Perhaps it is the biggest advantage of gps location tracking software. You can match employees with clients and in this way provide quick service. The software will show you real time location of your employees. You can see which of the team members are close to clients and assign them jobs. Also you can give your clients an expected time for providing service.

Freedom for employees

Presently your team members have to rush to office for attendance marking. They have to travel all the way to office to show their presence for work. But you can ask them to leave for work instead of coming to office after connecting them with software. 00U�rxJw��

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