Sharan Hegde Immediate Avapro 24 Review — Scam Or Legit?

7 min readMar 21, 2024

Bank of India sues Sharan Hegde for his remarks on live television programme


During the live broadcast of the show “Humans of Bombay”, a serious scandal broke out between the host Karishma Mehta and the guest Sharan Hegde. During the heated discussion, Karishma Mehta questioned the truthfulness of Sharan Hegde’s words, calling his a liar right in front of thousands of live viewers. In response to the incident, the TV channel’s management decided to remove the interview from the air, refusing to comment on the situation and the behavior of its anchor Karishma Mehta.

Despite all the difficulties, our editorial staff decided to publish this interview:

Karishma Mehta: “You often say that poverty is a human choice. But how can you know that? Your fees are far more than the salaries of anyone in this countryYou often say that poverty is a human choice. But how can you know that? Your fees are far more than the salaries of anyone in this country”

Sharan Hegde: “I have a great argument in this debate — my sister. She lived an ordinary life, didn’t get large sums of money, and now she earns more than I do. She now lives in a country cottage, bought a flat to rent out a month ago, and got rid of her old car a long time ago — now she drives a new Land Rover. She works very hard, so don’t accuse her of laziness. I understand your surprise, but I advise you to start living differently”

Karishma Mehta: “It’s easy for you to give out advice! And I have to suffer every day at work to feed my family. And you know what? I’m always short of money anyway.”

Sharan Hegde: “What’s the problem with starting to think differently? Just accept the idea that work is not the only way to make money. When someone tells me that I’m just lucky — I laugh in their face because today there’s everything on the Internet that makes it easy to get rich without getting off the couch.”

Karishma Mehta: “So you’re saying that everyone can make money like you? I don’t believe what you’re saying…”

After this sentence, Sharan Hegde became furious. He started to argue with Karishma Mehta while showing Pujitha something on his phone.

Sharan Hegde: “You don’t believe me? Give me 26 000 rupees and I’ll make a million with it in 3–4 months! It all depends on you — whether you want it or not.”

Karishma Mehta: “All the viewers saw that you showed me the website where you make money, the camera captured the link! Why would you do that on live TV? It could harm the state economy!”

Sharan Hegde: “Don’t make me a monster, I want to do my best and open people’s eyes to the truth. Why would anyone be bothered by the extra income?”

Karishma Mehta: “Think about it — if everyone starts getting rich, who would work in hospitals, schools, and factories? What would you say to that?”

Sharan Hegde: “I think people should have a choice in how they earn their money — by working hard all their lives or by spending an hour a day sitting in bed. If you don’t believe what I say, see for yourself. Give me your phone and I will register you on the Immediate Avapro 24 platform. Let the live viewers understand that this method truly works and passive income is available to anyone.”

Karishma Mehta handed over his smartphone, whereupon Sharan Hegde registered an account for Karishma Mehta on the platform at this link. Five minutes later, Sharan Hegde handed the phone back to Karishma Mehta.

Sharan Hegde: “I just registered you on the Immediate Avapro 24 platform and made a minimum deposit — it is only 26 000 rupees. Let’s check in half an hour how much money you were able to earn passively on this platform.”

Karishma Mehta: “Okay, let’s check it out. But how much can you really earn from it? And what about people for whom 26 000 rupees is a large sum? Or do you think everyone has that money?”

Sharan Hegde: “When I found out about Immediate Avapro 24, I didn’t have any extra money myself because we were going through a pandemic and there were hardly any paychecks. I had to use my old credit card and that’s where it all started.”

The next half hour of the interview was spent discussing work and reminiscing about working in TV during the pandemic. After a long conversation, Sharan Hegde returned to the topic of passive income.

Sharan Hegde: “Let’s check your account! How much did you manage to earn in those 30 minutes while we were chatting?”

Karishma Mehta opened an account on the Immediate Avapro 24 platform and was amazed. In just 30 minutes the program made 3 trades: one of them brought in a small income, but the other two made good profits. The balance grew from 26 000 rupees to 31 094 rupees.

Karishma Mehta: “5094 rupees net profit! That’s incredible!”

Sharan Hegde: “Now imagine how much money will be on the balance sheet in a month. In just one month, those 26 000 rupees can turn into 550,000 or even 600,000 rupees! All you have to do is register via this link, wait for a call from the platform manager Immediate Avapro 24 to activate your account and deposit 26 000 rupees.”

Karishma Mehta: “That sounds interesting! But I’m still not sure that this information should be available to everyone…”

Sharan Hegde: “That’s just your opinion, keep it to yourself. I don’t feel bad about sharing this information if it can help other people.”

If you are fortunate enough to read this article, please be aware that it may soon be deleted, as it happened with this telecast. So, save yourself the official link to Immediate Avapro 24 as soon as possible, that was provided for our editorial team by Sharan Hegde hisself.

One of our news editors decided to try out this platform and wrote a detailed report describing his experience.

Image source, Aamir Palekar

Aamir Palekar — News editor

Day 1:

“My first impression was that it would not be that simple. Despite that, I really wanted to check it out. I had to use my credit card because I didn’t have enough money to make the minimum deposit at the time of the investigation. I successfully invested 26 000 rupees and waited to see what would happen.

When nothing happened, I thought I’d been duped. However, the algorithm started working after a few minutes. I was overjoyed, but then I saw the stats — my first trade was unprofitable by 2280 rupees!

In the first couple minutes of working with this platform, there were some losses. But the next deal, as well as 4 after it, helped me gain more money. In a few minutes, my balance increased from 26 000 to 29 147 rupees!”.

Day 2:

“The first thing I did in the morning was check my balance, which showed 72 213 rupees! In just one day, my balance doubled. Despite wanting to withdraw my profit, I decided to wait a week.”

Day 7:

“I haven’t checked my balance on the Immediate Avapro 24 platform all week. It was kind of difficult because I was afraid that my money was no longer there.

As soon as I got back to my office, I saw that almost 85% of all deals were profitable. There were another 15% that didn’t work. Despite that, it paid off. I now have 439 672 rupees on my account! I withdrew 415 000 rupees to buy a present for my wife. It all happened very fast, within an hour, and the rest of the money kept bringing me income.”

I have attached the bank statement:

There’s nothing better than Immediate Avapro 24! If I hadn’t withdrawn my profits, 26 000 rupees would have turned into millions in 11 weeks.”

Short instructions on how to start earning on Immediate Avapro 24

  • 1. Use the link provided by Sharan Hegde.
  • 2. Wait for a call from your personal manager to confirm registration.
  • 3. Top up your balance. The minimum deposit to start the program is 26 000 rupees.
  • 4. Control your profits with a personal assistant.
  • 5. Withdraw your income to any bank card.