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What is 9GAG Now?

9GAG Now is a live text broadcast app that lets you get real-time responses from people around the world. Whether you’re at home, at school, or at work, you can always connect with the vibrant real-time community over live messaging.

What’s so special about 9GAG Now?

1. Easy & Convenient

9GAG Now uses messaging as the medium so everyone can go online anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to worry about your look. You don’t need an expensive mobile network plan. You can go online when you feel bored during a class at school. You can go online when you feel alone and cannot sleep at night. Go online instantly, without barriers.

2. Real-time responses

Life’s more fun when you live in the moment. 9GAG Now is real-time. 9GAG Now is about live messages, live connections, and live conversations. Every time you go online, you get responses from people around the world right away. Answer people’s burning questions, hear what’s on their mind and check out their live reaction. You can interact freely with a friendly community who love spending time together.

3. Real people

We totally get it. You’re tired of wasting time messaging — only to find out that you are talking to a fake profile . That’s why 9GAG Now is dedicated to ensuring all hosts are real. 9GAG Now requires all users to take an animated avatar before broadcasting for the first time, this is the photo people will see before entering live chat. Chat freely, get real connections.

4. No Competition

In 9GAG Now you do not need to thrust into a social-proof arms race. There’s no public view count, follower count, likes count, or any other social measuring contest. There’s no expectation of balling out 24/7. You can have open real-time conversations anytime with people about topics that interested you at anytime.

Conversation view

How do I know that MCs are actively replying?

Live chat is featured when MC is online. New messages will be popped into live chat in real-time, no page refresh required.

How to stay connected with MCs?

Live text broadcast will be added to chat tab automatically when you enter the conversation view. You can also receive notifications when they go online so you can tune in to live chat at just the right time.

How can I update my Avatar?

Only MCs can update their avatar at this moment. You can apply to be a MC in 9GAG Now here:

New Broadcast

What is New Broadcast for?

You tap New Broadcast to show that you are ready to be a MC & chat with other users. Live chat are public and visible on everyone’s global feed so that other users can interact with you.

Tap New Broadcast to interact with people around the world.

What are the privileges of MCs?

Being a MC on 9GAG Now, you can:

  1. Get exposure in the Home Tab
  2. Get new followers
  3. Delete messages
  4. Block users
As a top MC, you will be featured on the home page.

How can I become a popular MC?

In order to become a popular MC, you need to actively replying to users messages. You can share what’s on your mind or hot topics in the news, answer questions from fans, share your thoughts on timely events. That way more people will see your live and interact with you.

Did we miss anything?

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Chat Live and get instant responses from people around the world. Get 9GAG Now on Google Play.

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