3 Amazing New Social Networks in 2015

Why #Facebook and #Google+ have to worry !

In the last years many users complain about the big social networks like Facebook and Google+ . Most people just hate the fact that their privacy is controlled by huge companies and there were no real alternatives to Facebook and Co. But now the situation is changing radically. Three amazing new Social Networks are entering the scene with a big bang. All networks with huge support and focus on privacy. So now many people switch the channel and leave Facebook and Google+ slowly. Still this networks are the most popular but the numbers are dropping fast.


The founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales is launching a new social network called TPO. It is not only a Social Network but a mix of Mobile Provider, Social Network and News source. After the huge success of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales is working on his next big thing. We are excited to see where it is going.

You can check out now here:


Since November 2014 Ello is one of the fastest rising Social Networks. With a growth rate of more then 15 percent it is getting more and more important. It is very popular in the creative scene but is also rising among tech people. Ello is ad free and doesn’t track users.

Check out Ello here. It is invite only but invites are easy to find.



Privacy and the huge support of security specialists is the main catch of MINDS. A new social network that is really good if you want to protect your privacy and have secure chat. It is still under heavy development and ad free .www.minds.com

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