The Secret Robots from Berlin

The hidden cafe where you can find steel handmade robots in Berlin

Berlin is a city where the most exciting things are hard to find. They are not really secrets, but hidden in strange places. One of this little hidden art gems is Lilobob. A french cafe near to U Kurfürstenstrasse at the border between the destricts Mitte and Schöneberg.
Lilobob sells very delicious coffee, cookies and waffels. If you like coffee and sweet stuff you will love Lilobob.

What is really amazing is an robot exibition they run at the moment until the end of march with steel robot sculptures. If you love tech and robots you have to see them. The robots are small (about 50 cm) and every robot is handmade from crazy, old materials like cameras or computer parts.

Lilobob is open from every day 9.30 am to 7pm. On the weekend they open later. The exibition is only until 30th of march. The adress is Kurfürstenstrasse 28 near U Kurfürstenstrasse. Check it at their facebook page (mostly in french).

Here are some pictures from their great little robots.

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