Harmony Protocol in a Nutshell

Harmony is a highly scalable, optimized, reliable, secure and efficient blockchain technology.

Harmony was created to achieve a decentralised Coordination at scale it is a complete new level. Having the power to designed a decentralized am economy of the future and the ability to get funding complaints to the company. It is an open infrastructure for the world data and same time built on a POS system .

Harmony launches their main net to solve blockchain hardest challenge ever. I.e linearly, scaling.

Scalability is the property of a system to handle a growing work by adding its resources. It was a real issue faced by many projects.

Cryptokitties: It has a large network system and one of the most acesible ways to experience the block chain technology, hence planning to enhance its platform.

DEFI( decentralized finance)

Harmony: the revolution

1 Harmony secures it with verifiable,linearly and scalable operations and it also protect the entire block chain from fraud hackers of the technology.

2 Fast and efficient

It coordinate and works per second as quickly and it is more efficient to users.

3 Full scalability: it help to record and process the network that requires less storage.

4.Cross segment and direct communication:

Having a direct communication among users having contributed to the achievement of technology.

5.Scalable infrastructure: maintaining a network at a scaled linearly with the number of nodes Every nodes contains hundred of nodes.

Harmony chains

Beacon chains

It also help to generate huge numbers of influence which validators are assigned to a particular transactions.

Harmony team

They were 12 of them that came together.

Harmony sharding



Goals of Pangaea

2 creating a natural transition from setting up your node to ensure stability in the network.



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