It just wouldn’t go away! It kept gnawing and gnawing it’s way through the tiny space between my kitchen cabinet and the wall behind it. Chasing it only lead to it returning right after i turned my back! Pretty annoying, ya? Well, at the end of the day, I got tired of the charade and put a final stop to it. And that’s when it dawned on me! No rat ever entirely gives up on a mission unless it’s caught in a trap or ends up dead! What’s the lesson here? Read on.

The real reason rats pester peoples’ homes is for comfort and security (basically running away from predators), yea, they need that too! They need a warm place to stay and water to drink and of course food to eat. Because their front teeth keeps growing, they need to constantly gnaw their way through to keep it at a certain size level. Now, the rat is fully aware that survival is for the fittest and it’s either the predator takes it or it finds a way to make your home it’s abode so it displays a never giving up attitude until its final demise and this is what I truly learnt from that rat that kept gnawing my cabinet.

Many times in life, we find ourselves trapped in between two opposing sides but instead of forming a thick back like the rat, we by ourselves dig the ground beneath our feet and go six feet under rather that choose which opposing angle to face squarely and burst out in victory or die trying like the rat. If an animal as little as a rat understands the importance of making a choice to never give up and stays on it resolutely then you’ve got no excuse for giving in and giving up. I once chickened out on what mattered most to me so I can say with all conviction that unless you BECOME A RAT and face that challenge to the death, you’ll have no place for true happiness. I hope you’ve learnt something vital from the like I have.