How we open-sourced (some of) our monorepo

When we decided to open-source some of our code, our goal was to bring many of the benefits of developing in a monorepo to our open-source projects, while keeping each project relatively small and purpose-driven. …

In which the author makes a strong claim regarding the importance of timely code review, and offers advice to reviewers and submitters.


  1. Make your code review requests a pleasure to read.

I wrote this in March 2014 when I was managing the User Lookup Service team at Twitter, to codify our theory of and approach to code review, and to try to establish some basic best practices. …

We use Houston to develop Houston, and we love it.

At Turbine Labs, one of the best parts of building Houston has been using it to test and release our own software. …


Glen D Sanford

Software Engineer at Slack, 10x pedant, fundamentally OK guy

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