9Cat FanArt Competition is Live! Win a Share of a 1,500 USDT Prize Pool!

5 min readNov 27, 2021

November 27, 2021 (繁體中文)

9Cat is pleased to announce the launch of the 9Cat FanArt competition. It is a new way to market your design and show off your creative capabilities. The competition is open to everyone.

It is a chance for anyone to promote and share your artistic skills via 9Cat media channels (Discord & Twitter) and reap amazing rewards!

The 9Cat FanArt Competition

Every 9Cat owner can create their own 9Cat!
Use the tool to draw your 9Cat!

The 9Cat FanArt Competition is an exciting opportunity to show new and innovative artwork designs through 9Cat social media channels. We will provide a few examples of artwork from our team for reference.

Below are 10 artworks are from 9Cat Art team and Operations team. Participants can refer these as examples and find inspirations. Having no idea what to draw? Knit Your Own Cat and bring it to the Virtual World.

Created by 9Tuna (Left), 9.9 (Right)
Created by 9PM (Left), 9x9=99 (Right)
Created by 9A (Left), 9Pack (Middle), 9PCT (Right)
Created by 9Lives (Left), New 9Team Member 9Hea (Middle), 9NO (Right)

How to Participate?

Are you ready to introduce your 9Cat art creations to the world?

Take that critical step and enter the 9Cat FanArt competition!

Using a computer to draw is recommended.

Kindly follow the competition guidelines below:

  • Go to https://coloring.9cat.io/
  • Use the art tool to draw & color a 9Cat with the template.
  • Share your masterpiece by clicking the Twitter icon above the purple download button. It will redirect you to Twitter and provide you with the FanArt submission message.
  • Tweet and share with your friends and call for Like and RT!

Note: There will be a limitation of using the above button (9 times) to avoid people clicking the button and saving too many 9Cat into our server.


  • Download the original 9Cat by the purple button at the bottom left.
  • Import the original 9Cat to other drawing tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, or any art tools you like to craft your masterpiece.
  • Tweet your masterpiece with the exact message below:

@9CatNFT is now hosting a giveaway event with a share of a 1,500 USDT Prize Pool! Come Like & RT ;D
#9catfanart #nftcommunity #nftgiveaway #nft #airdrop #giveaway

  • Share with your friends and call for Like and RT!

We will collect all the Tweets that follow the above submission rules.

Follow our 9CatNFT Twitter account & Retweet the event tweet is required to enter the competition.

What is at Stake?

Winners of the 9Cat FanArt competition will be greeted with some juicy rewards.

There are four prizes to be won (in USDT):

  • 25 Lucky Winners to get $20 each.
  • The Top 3 Retweets will get cash rewards in $300, $200, and $100, respectively.
  • The Top 3 Likes will get cash rewards in $150, $100, and $50, respectively
  • The 9Team’s pick will get $100

Other than the cash prizes, we will also offer a whitelist spot to all the participants. Top 3 Retweets and Top 3 Likes will be rewarded with 1 9Cat NFT as well.


The top 3 Retweets & Likes winners will not overlap; we will identify the top 3 Retweet first and the top 3 Likes next.

With this approach, no one will get more than 1 prize except for the 9Team’s pick. There is a chance that we will pick the one we like regardless of its number of retweets or like.

9Cat FanArt Competition Schedule

  • Event Start Date — 27 November 2021 — UTC 12:00 PM
  • Event End Date — 13 December 2021 — UTC 11:59 AM
  • Winner Announcement — 14 December 2021 — UTC 12:00PM (after 24 hours)
  • Prizes Giving — Distribute within 14 days after winners’ wallet address submitted to 9Cat

Upcoming 9Cat Events

The FanArt competition only scratches the surface of what 9Cat has in store.

There are many other upcoming events lined up, including:

  • Presale Schedule — 17 Dec 2021 — UTC 12:00 PM (Last for 72 hours as stated here: https://9cat.io/
  • Day Karkal sponsored giveaway — we will announce the details during the presale period.
  • Public Sale Schedule — 26 Dec 2021 — UTC 02:00 PM
  • 9Cat Saga Adventure Game Alpha Launch — February 2022

As we prepare for these events, we are also working out the details of the 9Metaverse governance tokens (not to be confused with 9Milk tokens). We will discuss these tokens in future updates.

Stay tuned!

About 9Metaverse & 9Cat

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In 9Metaverse, the first NFT collection, 9Cats — 9,999 of randomly generated Cutest Cat NFTs. The main character in the 9Cat Saga GameFi project.