a life to be lived

the days roll into the next

but don’t let a single one pass without giving your best

the music will constantly play though the tempo may change

just remember that yours is a life to be lived

don’t just watch cuz you might never play

and don’t curl up in bed at the first sight of rain

because yours is a life to be lived

when you hear the birds chirping they are calling your name

so jump up and answer the call!

because yours is a life to be lived.

In a world full of hate you can still be that change

let your soul guide you to higher consciousness and watch your circumstances rearrange

yes, you are that powerful and yours is a life to be lived

don’t believe what the world tells you

can’t you see it’s all lies?

they’ll tell you that your wicked, stupid, and ugly leaving you feeling demoralized

but you’re none of those things

you’re so much more than you know

and you never will if you don’t get up and go!

see I could read names like Emmett, Oscar, Trayvon, Eric, Mike

brothers that lost life

and we know it ain’t right

so we owe it to them to fight!

yes, we do. yes, we can. yes, we will…

because our lives were meant to be lived.