NairaCoin Officially Listed on TrustWallet.

NairaCoin on TrustWallet

There are several wallets that are ERC20 compatible but not all is safe to keep your hard earned money. That’s why we are selective in choosing where to List our asset token. NairaCoin being a token backed by Naira is a valuable token and as such security is our biggest concern. The world is moving rapidly and we can assure you we wouldn’t be left behind. Trust Wallet is one of the best wallet in the world created by Binnace the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with trading volume average of $1Billion daily. Trust wallet supports variety of coins and tokens. It also supports ERC20 tokens and has enhanced security features that makes it safe to keep your assets. The wallet decentralizes security thereby keeping the responsibility of account safe keeping in the hands of the user.

We recommend that our users download TrustWallet from Google Play Store or iOS store. Once installed, the app asks you whether to create a new wallet or restore existing one. We assume you’re a new user so you’re to create a new wallet. It then asks you to back up your wallet which is a very important step that should not be skipped. You will be shown a cluster of 12 words that must be written down and never forgotten or lost. These words must be kept in the order they are shown, we recommend keeping Your back up phrase offline. The next step is for you to enter these phrases in order and once that is done your wallet is completely backed up. The usefulness of this back up mean when your device gets lost with your asset on it. You can easily restore your wallet on a new device with all funds intact. That’s the importance and power of decentralization

The default assets of course are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. To add NairaCoin you’ll need to click on the + sign on the top right corner, search for NairaCoin it will show up then click the plus sign beside the NairaCoin Logo to add to wallet. Once that is done. You will see NairaCoin on the default page. You can now send and receive NairaCoins to anyone around the world. You can send us your NairaCoin wallet address for some airdrop as long as our airdrop is active. Listing NairaCoin on TrustWallet is a great achievement for NairaCoin and we shall be listing on other secure wallets soon until we release the official NairaCoin wallet.

Besides just being a crypto-wallet. TrustWallet has Web3 capabilities making it a able to interact with dapps such as DEX exchanges, marketplace, games, collectibles and more. This means you can easily trade Your NairaCoin directly from your wallet for other tokens without needing to deposit your tokens on any exchange. This is the safest type of trade you can conduct with the assurance that your tokens never left your wallet and as such cannot get lost in the process. We shall be explaining more on type of exchanges and why DEX is the future in our next blogpost.