All I can stands, and I can’t stands no more…

I expected this to take longer. I expected to be at least tolerant of the Donald Trump’s presidency, even though I voted for the other guy (gal), for the first six or so months. I was fully prepared to say, “OK, let’s just see how this plays out…” and do just that.

I was prepared to just watch as there were decisions I initially disagree with, and there’s been plenty of those. I was prepared to play devil’s advocate, lots of it. I was prepared as the liberal side of my friends and family expressed their anger and frustration, to be a voice patience and reason. I wanted to have the outlook that hey, maybe this won’t be SO bad. I wanted to see if Trump does what he insists he will do, or if he blurted out all the rhetoric to motivate a voter base as a means to an end. Once he got the job, once he was in the chair, I was hoping that the President would act, you know, like the President.

That has not happened. He has not changed. He vowed to cease his ridiculous twitter rants, he did not. He vowed to attempt to unite Americans and be a president for all citizens. He is not. He hinted that he said all those awful things as a way to get elected. He has not changed. I had hoped that he would curb some of the endless bullshit that has come out of his persistent, smug scowl. He has not, and will not, change.

That is because Donald J. Trump is genuine. He is a genuine fraud.

Trump has not changed to fit the role because he never has. He has always been a huckster, a purveyor of bullshit. Everyone has witnessed this in plain sight. Long before he had any political aspirations, he insisted everything he touched was gold. Everything he created or worked with was “the best” or “fantastic” or everyone’s favorite: “huge.” He continues to insist that “nobody know more than me” when it comes to hacking, the military and foreign affairs. It’s a trait that should be a red flag in anyone encountered in life. People who insist they are an expert on everything they talk about are very obviously fraudulent and should be avoided. For example, Trump claims to be an expert on cyber security, while also maintaining that he does not regularly use a computer. He takes all for the fools that he is.

Yet we have the nerve to act surprised. He is a fake, just like his spray-on tan.

Why so vehemently against Trump, you ask? After all, I was hardly a fan of Hillary Clinton. Yes, he is a womanizer. That’s not a secret, and he wouldn’t be the first in the Oval Office. Yes, he is severely prejudiced (believe it or not, I don’t think it is fair- yet- to call him a racist, that slur gets thrown around too casually) but he would just add to a list of prejudiced presidents.

The real reason? He’s so incredibly, and obviously, full of shit.

He may have the mind to negotiate, but does not have the intellect to reason. That is one of the most valuable traits to any President, the ability to use reason and logic to persuade. His intellect is completely devoid of that. Instead he uses a barrage of attacks to try and make his point. He has called all news outlets that have reported negatively about his administration fake. He even openly contradicts his own rants (is the problem that classified information was leaked or was it all a fake story?). He even stole the term FAKE NEWS from the trend on social media that helped get him elected to try and discredit established media, instead of simply providing reasonable arguments to the contrary.

Why? Because he can’t. The President of the United States is simply not capable.

Remember less than a decade ago when opponents of the former president insisted on call the Commander in Chief a racist, in order to justify their marginally racist assertions of the administration? They called him a racist even though his cabinet was predominantly white and he was half-white, raised by a white mother and white grandparents?

Now we see the next trend, to call legitimate news fake news without any evidence as such. Even as, as acknowledge by the Fraud in Chief, the information leaked from the White House is legitimate.

Trump in his fraudulent understanding of his leadership position has now attacked the legitimacy of the free press and its vital importance, whether he likes it or not, to the American people. More importantly, he has attacked the judicial system, the vital arm for upholding the law, for not bending to his wishes. He continues to insult fellow politicians, attack private institutions and is viciously defensive on his decisions and the increasingly questionable relationships with foreign governments.

These are not the actions of a legitimate President, but rather a con man that has a nearly incomprehensible level of narcissism, now legitimized. He has surrounded himself with people that are blindly loyal to him and lacks the mental capacity to understand to why any would oppose him, given his level of power. Instead, as perfectly demonstrated at his rally on February 18th, he retreats into his blinded cult of worship to seek the acceptance and adulation his is not getting from the rest of the country.

That is because it is all he is capable of doing, as Donald Trump is not capable of leading the United States of America.