SickKids Shows the Rest How It’s Done

SickKids Foundation

SickKids debuted their latest donor campaign with a powerful new video: Sick Versus Undeniable. Given the online response in my Facebook newsfeed alone, it could easily be mistaken for the latest Beyonce single. SickKids VS Undeniable is an action packed 2 minute video of powerful images, strong lyrics, and rich narrative themes based on a traditional story template that leaves anyone who watches it feeling empowered and inspired. It’s also the best example I’ve seen in awhile of effective storytelling.

Over the last couple of years, storytelling has become the ubiquitous term for anything and everything to do with communication, on-line marketing and content development. However story structure, the thing that makes storytelling so effective, has either been lost, forgotten or never truly understood.

Neurology of Storytelling

The Hero’s Journey

SickKids VS Undeniable

SickKids VS Undeniable




At the end, SickKids offers the audience the ability to join the story and help the Hero’s in their fight with a strong Call to Action: FUNDTHEFIGHT.CA. It’s hard not to feel inspired to take up arms and join them as a solider or left wanting to volunteer as a mentor that helps the hero in their journey. We can. By donating.

Well done Sickkids! Your latest campaign is a powerful demonstration on the right way to use storytelling to empower and engage your donors!

If you’re a fundraising professional, join us for a full day workshop: Craft the Perfect Ask,on November 14th in Toronto to learn more storytelling techniques and motivational psychology that will help you to effectively connect with your donors.

Kate Hodgson, Story Coach and L&D Professional