Lost identity — Who are you?

I often have a case of lost identity but it is not what you think. I don't forget who I am like Jason bourne but more like unable to identify with the person staring back at me with his eyes wide open and lost expression on his face. These moments occurs every time right after I shave my beard and this happens a few times a year.

Selfies of me and a beardless stranger

As the photo above proofs that I feel and look like a different person; don't you think so?

I really love my beard and how I look with my beard; masculine, older and more serious. Plus I feel warmer with my beard. Like all the other occasions when I shaved my beard I am regretting my choice 😭 I can’t wait for it to grow back ASAP.

Why shave if you love your beard? you ask!

Because I have a uniquely weird beard which grows inconsiderably larger on one side (right), that leaves empty patches and is very bushy (untamable). Those are the reasons why I shave my beard every 2 months; I can't wait for the day I grow a full and magnificent beard like Tobias van Schneider and Justin Jackson. Until that day, I will continue to love/shave my inconsistent and bushy beard.

Hey, I am not the only person who looks different with and without a beard check out how Abraham Lincoln looked. :-)

Abraham Lincoln ( Left — 1863 and Right — 1858) Photos from Wikipedia
Do you feel and look different when you shave your beard? If, yes respond with a photo.
If you have any tips for me on how to grow my full beard please share !!
Thank you for reading 😉
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