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Humans:- A thread that defines itself outside of the fabric

You’ve probably seen more than enough of the mess that is the state of humanity. If you’re still watching the news without your heat being hardened with hate or hurt, it’s very hard figuring out where to begin to understand humans. There’s a lot of wrong and right turns that resulted in what you’ve seen, so before you dive in we just have one recommendation: We’ve found that the best way to understand the people of earth is to start, not by looking at what separates them but by examining the tool by which they make these separations.

Ethics and Morals, the scissors humans cut themselves into being with. A scissors is probably the best description of the relationship between ethics and morals. Yes! your dictionary is wrong, they are not synonyms. They actually oppose each other most of the time. Define what a human is and whatever behavior best supports this definition is what we call ethical, and whatever makes you look increasingly different from this definition is what we would call unethical. Morals are a little weirder, and probably the more dangerous of the two. Morals are cultural creations. They are boundaries put in place simply to ensure society functions more efficiently and suitably (efficiently and suitably for who is dependent on the society [there will be one heck of a conversation over that soon]). Ethics are an issue of identity where as morals are an issue of order. This may feel a little vague but trust us when we say everything becomes that much more clearer when you look at humans with these two things in mind.

With these two things in mind you should be ready for the conversation… All the best, these topics get pretty real so do your best to be civil…



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Originally published at theyoungancients.wordpress.com on January 29, 2016.