Book Review- Rejected Writers’ Book Club

The Rejected Writers’ Book Club is a novel about friendship, unexpected, but fully embraced life moments, community belonging, and … writing. Featuring Janet, the town librarian, and the notoriously fierce women of Southlea Bay who happen to be the righteous members of a secret club, which is not only highly selective in its eccentricity, but also never left without a generous slice of homemade cake and a steaming cup of tea.

The inner monologue makes the reader laugh and enjoy both the content and the language. It is swift, elegant and funny. The characters felt real even in the frequent moments of their absurdity, highlighting the amusing note adopted in the writing style.

The comical elements in the book are paired with the more serious theme of a complex mother-daughter relationship that is subtly incorporated into the plot, craftily guiding you through the characters’ dynamics without the feeling of over-telling. Their development throughout the book is well-thought and finely executed.

The structure provided coherence and facilitated the ease that follows the book. The quirky chapter titles are also a nice assortment to this light-hearted little novel.

You don’t need to be at the age of the main protagonists to like the story and find the characters intriguing in their daily whirlpool of drama. Rejected writer, or not, you will find yourself relating to their quest of belonging and acceptance. It only became better and better, funnier and funnier as it progressed towards the end.

I can certainly say that I haven’t been delighted by a book like that in more than a month!

I have kindly received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange of a fair review.

Rating: 5 stars

Recommendation: everyone