The path isn’t always straight!

I have always wondered what it is like for those ‘’fortunate’’ people who follow the perfect path to their destination from birth right through. You know the ones I mean? First step, be born attractive. Then do well in primary school. Hold all the best birthday parties. Carry all the social grace on to secondary school where they finish with top grades and get accepted to the perfect course at university. During their time at university they will endeavour to have the perfect balance of study and social life. They will meet their soulmate and fall in love. Graduate with enviable, realistic, impressive job opportunities. Get married. Buy the house. Have the kids.

Granted, I have actually accomplished some of the above. Not actually in the order listed above, but I have done it. What I have discovered along the way is that I just cannot connect to the stereotypical path that society has absolutely laid out for us all. There are expectations of how a person’s journey should go. Veering from that path leads to scepticism and doubt among those closest to you. You are changing professions? That’s risky. You have been married almost three years and you’re not pregnant? Your marriage must not be going well. Unfortunately, these are basically programmed societal responses. Nobody actually wants to ask WHY you make certain non conformist choices, they just want to give their conformist opinion.

I could personally write a book on understanding the societal trend and doing the complete opposite. Really, it’s as simple as this. I follow my gut and my heart. I’m well aware that we all have to follow some of the rules to reap certain rewards. I do try to play the part of a functioning member of society, sometimes to the letter, but I never have been able to ignore when something just does not feel right for me. Now, I also cannot lie and say that my way of dealing with this life journey has been so far beneficial; a lot of the time it has been downright hard and stressful.

However, being completely honest, every left turn I have made when people expected me to go right has in some way led me to where I am right at this moment. A moment when I can say with genuine sincerity that I am happy that I have chosen my heart over my head one too many times.