My foray into the world of User Experience…

Hello everyone! Anders Lundeen here to talk about my newest endeavor in my professional life: User Experience Design. I will be using this space to record and provide updates on the whole of the UXDI(User Experience Design Immersive) at General Assembly in New York City. I’m pretty new to this whole ‘blog thing’, so I’ll just dive right in to a brief rundown of what’s been going on with me leading up to this point, and then I’ll begin talking about my first assignments!

Now, my course begins tomorrow. So for the next 10 weeks I’ll be commuting into New York again everyday! Woot woot! And as an added bonus Game of Thrones is back! So as a reward for completing my work for class every week I’ll be able to sit down and enjoy the latest episodes of what is sure to be the most explosive season yet. But for now, the burning question. “Why UX Anders?” And so I’ll have to explain a little about me.

I was born in Bridgeport, CT 27 years ago to a couple of workaholics who I love dearly but continue to drive me crazy to this day. Hi Mom + Dad! Whilst they were working the 9–5’s in NYC we(my older brother and two younger sisters) were ‘managed’ by a series of ‘Au-Pairs’(just google it if you’re not aware, definitely not the point of this post) Usually from Germany or Norway or some other european country. This opened my eyes up to how different people can be depending on where they came from, and of course that europeans are delightfully eccentric. So anyway, baseball/girls/school it was a pretty typical upbringing, but I wanted something different when it came to University. I should also point out that before applying for University, I had already decided my long term life goal: screenwriting.

In 2010 I graduated with a B.A. in Film/TV studies from The University of Wales in Aberystwyth in the U.K. WOW, what? Yeah it’s a bit out there I know, but for me it ticked all of the boxes. 1. far away from home. 2. film department. 3. Completely different set of people to what I was used to(i cannot describe how much i miss you all). 4. a brilliant staging point for traveling around Europe. (And no, the lower drinking age was not one of the reasons, it was just an added bonus)

So with degree in hand I came home to NYC to continue working on my writing and begin my career. Just one problem. Writing a screenplay is hard. VERY hard. Whenever I try to explain to someone just how hard it is I usually paraphrase a story I heard from Robert Mckee when I attended his Story seminar in NYC. He recalled from one of his previous seminars a couple of his students who were rocket scientists or some such (almost certainly embellishment but still) who had come into the 4 day seminar feeling confident and a cut above the rest of those in attendance. By the end of the seminar they left looking swamped, thwarted, and thoroughly confused about what they had undertaken. As someone who had been trying and failing to write my first feature length script, i found this story particularly gratifying to hear. But i’m rambling a bit now. The point is, i’m a writer and I need time work at that.

The trick that I’ve been desperate to master for the last several years is how to support my own writing career. And so now all the way back to this UXDI stuff. I want to gain some more marketable industry skills, while still being creative with my work. And I’m not embarrassed or ashamed about the fact that I’ve looked into average salaries of people working in this industry. Money is definitely a strong motivator for me, again, to give myself time to write. And so, UXDI. And so, it begins…

As I said before, I’ll continue to provide updates on my efforts as the course progresses to anyone who cares to read about them. Thanks for reading what I feel quite certain will be my worst blog post ever, and I’ll see/speak to you soon!

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