Biking A Ride

So I am 25, never rode a proper bike before. Until months ago when I decided to remedy this mild deficit of mine.

I have made my intentions clear, to whichever party that would be interested in giving me a hand. This is a life tip by the way; there are people who like to help other people. So don’t shy away from stating your weaknesses and be willing to show your need to improve yourself.

And so it happened. A friend of mine offered to teach me. We were then in a sports’ school, near a football field, and he had his bike. I accepted this offer, and I began to try and mount his bike and get it to move a few meters forward.

After many stops, falls, a couple of hits, some centimeters forward, and some rain over our heads, I decided to call it a day. In what was about a couple of hours, I did not succeed in riding a bike.

Some months later, back in my hometown. I was still determined to learn. Once again, I posted on a Facebook group of my old school friends that I wanted someone to teach me how to ride a bike. One friend replied.

A few days later we rented a bike, at night. And we began.

Amazingly, I picked it up from where I left. Didn’t go well. A few days earlier, I had a cut on my finger that was a little deep. So while biking, and having a death grip on the bike’s sharp, rough handles, I look over to find the cut has opened. We stopped for a while. I washed my hands, tied it up, and continued.

By the end of the hour in which we have rented the bike for, I managed to bike starting from rest, for some meters. I was happy with the accomplishment and considered myself to have finally gotten the hang of it. Again, I called it a day.

Fast forward to the more recent past. I had decided earlier to buy a bike and the bike market was yesterday, and we went in. I picked up a bike I liked and went on with my friend (the same first guy who taught me) to try it.

He tried it, and it seemed to work fine. Now I was tempted to ride it myself. Mind you I have not been on a bike since the previously mentioned second lesson, which was around a month earlier. So I was wondering whether I will be trying the bike, or trying to bike. Luckily, and to avoid public humiliation, my muscle memory kicked in where I left it, and I could manage to ride the bike for quite a distance than earlier... I did it.

I spend sometimes after that trying other stuff, like hill climbs and sharp steers. I still have some practicing to go, but it’s only a matter of days I feel.

So I hope this would help someone one day. Someone who is wondering if they can acquire a new skill that most people learn in childhood. Well, yes. And very easily.

But the more important thing here is, that you should always learn new stuff. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner and try; it’s only a matter of time that you’ll become good. If you don’t try, time can’t help you.

Finally, I want to thank my friends who helped me. Thanks guys.

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