Curse and Blessing Of Self Awareness

Self Awareness. The thing we humans have in abundance, but some of us have even more of it.

Self awareness can help you find out when you are wrong, but also occupies you with self doubt.

It’s sad how most people are not aware of the motives that drive them to behave in certain ways. It is also something to envy that they don’t. It certainly is easier to navigate the world thinking you are alright, yet it’s safer still to go on with your life having some healthy skepticism about your own sanity. When you do, you don’t act on impulse and you don’t rush into things. You have regular sanity checks and learn your patterns of behavior. But then again, you are more likely to avoid taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone.

It’s the balance between selective and blissful ignorance. Better yet, between knowing and experiencing.

For a while I thought I was anxious and under stress, I found out it actually wasn’t that much. I was just too aware of it when it happened, unlike some people I know who showed lesser signs of it, but had even more stress and anxiety. It turns out self awareness not only makes you notice your problems, it amplifies them too.

To balance your self awareness, realize how common and normal your mental states are, and then you will care about them less. We are mostly concerned with being better or at least the same as those around us, when we think we have a problem. Our problems seem much more insignificant if they are common. They lose their uniqueness and therefore lose our interest.

It is still important to be self aware, cause it’s the main route to self improvement. If you are able to connect the dots on how you react and behave, and what influences your decisions and moods, you’ll be able to have control over your mental state of being.