Goodbye Good Ol’ Semi-Smartphone

A couple of months from now my first Smart (Now not So Smart) phone, The Nokia E52, will have its 5th Purchase Anniversary.

5 years is a long time for holding a personal product, especially for something you carry and use everyday. It was comfort and familiarity that kept it happening, but it was time to let go. For the world has witnessed the Birth of smarter smartphones, further thinning the line between mobile devices and personal computers, while providing even more of the personal element.

I bought the E52 right at the time when iPhones and Androids started to be the norm, But I opted for a more traditional keyboard style phone, looking for durability, stability and endurance rather than catching up with the new trend. Wi-fi and GPS was all that i needed at the time, and along with great battery life, i needn’t ask for more.

It’s actually the case with most of my tech. purchases really, I don’t hop on right along with the newly released, quite the opposite, i catch up just when it’s time for the next phase to start, like for example, I made the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 just around the time Windows 8 was released.

I think the main reason is that i get to use the product when its technologies have really matured, with no alarms and no surprises. Yet again, maybe i am just a dull person.

My Nokia E52

That E52 has witnessed a significant part of my life, Most of college, graduation, first job calls, interviews and first job acceptance, many nice trips, countless music listening rides and the ideas that come with them, hundreds of musical ideas, and many personal endeavors.

It’s a machine, some solid pieces of metal and silicon among other materials, yet holding it still feels like shaking hands with an old friend, using it has become second nature to me, and it’s still going, still very usable, still hasn’t given up on me, it’s admirable.

I wouldn’t be selling it, i have this attachment to the belongings that I’ve spent a lot of time with. It’s my third phone, but it stayed with me the longest, and it will probably now go on and serve my father for me, taking the place of his Android phone, which works, but the practicality and longevity of the E52 is more useful to him.

I will miss it, i haven’t yet removed the SIM card, i will need to change it to a micro SIM for the new phone, but i keep delaying it, just spending a few more days with the good Ol’ Nokia before i make the switch. But i transferred the contacts, so today seems like it will be it.

Farewell Nokia E52…

So, moved by the fear of being left behind, and encouraged by getting back to writing and the promises of productivity, and unleashing a plethora of creative output, i decided to get me an Android device , after some research and comparisons, the LG G3 was chosen to carry the burden.

It’s a nice phone, with all the new toys, a change from my pattern of late arrival in tech. buying, although it’s a not so radical change, but I’m Okay with it, Android after all has been around for quite a while now. but I do hope this phone will endure and provide.

So here i am, on a PC, starting a blog, writing on a website that hasn’t still gone fully mobile, yet maybe i chose it to facilitate future procrastinations, I don’t know, we’ll find out, but for now, it’s the beginning of a what i hope to be, a more productive era, although it started with a wandering blog about leaving a phone, but, it’s a start.

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