How To Be More Human, Humane and Sane

Dear Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, 9 to 5ers and all of you,

Just like science is your way of knowing the current state of the human brain’s mental understanding of the nature around you, Art my dear fellows is your key to the collective human experience, to learning the evolution of the emotional maturity of the social being that is the human, to understand what it is like, what it was like, and possibly, what it will be like to be a human being in this world.

“ I practice sculpture as an antibiotic to preserve my humanity.” Abdel Hady El-Wechahi

How can you know what to do when you’re confronted with an emotional or moral dilemma ? What can you do when you get a stack full of social relations? What is it that the people of the world have already experienced and known socially, emotionally, and mentally? and How can you avoid repeating their mistakes, and take a short cut by what they have already concluded about our lives? Where can the essence of the human experience be found?

Well, the answer is within the arts. It is in the arts that we’ll find the compassion necessary to advance our mortal race.

There is no excuse for not getting a taste of the arts every now and then, or everyday if you ask me. So don’t lock yourself up in your own brain’s cocoon, there are whole lives out there for you to learn from, and a whole universe worth of perspectives for you to see from.

It saddens me when i see people completely submerged in their daily life routines without considering how it’s like in the world outside their life’s sphere, without experiencing the beauty of the human experience, and missing out on the appreciation one learns from the lives and imagination of their fellow homosapians.

“Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” Dead Poets Society.

So please, please, get out of your way today, and experience some art, enrich your mind and soul with some music, learn about the grease of the world from some movie, get +XP from books, or just enjoy the beauty of some display of art.

Your future self and humanity will definitely thank you.

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