Let This Be

A reminder not to (over) procrastinate. A reminder to start now. If you start late, you end up being late, no matter what. If it goes fine, that was luck. You should have a reference for when it did not end up fine, and not because it was out of hand, but because you decided to put an end to that cycle. You said no, this has to stop.

It is about taking a chance to see that it’s fine, that you are in control of your life, the bad and the good. It’s about not being in the eye of the storm, it’s being the storm. It’s sailing, or not, within it. The more valuable lesson is to get a mental idea of growth and excellence.

So it’s either you will do well, but then you will settle for not doing great. Or you will fail. Which is fine, but you can delay failure when you have done better to prepare. Only then will you break out of the cycle of mediocrity and decide on only excellence, intentional excellence, not the one that happens sometimes by chance.

You can do it and you can do it well. Do not let this be settling for low when you can achieve higher. I will not succeed today based on doing little, even if that little can do something. I will succeed whilst doing more.