Measure of Intended Success

If we are not free to choose a lot of things in our lives, then succeeding simply by doing what we like is not as free of a decision as by succeeding by doing what we ought to do. In this sense, you might say that the amount of things that you didn’t particularly enjoy that you did for success, is a better measure of how involved you were in your success.

But there is no measure of satisfaction or happiness related to that idea. You may be the person who is more happy with the results than the journey, but there is still a limit to how much you can tolerate. The journey still has to be somewhat rewarding in itself. Because every once in a while you will have moments of doubt, when you feel that what you are doing means little, that in the greater scheme of things, your effort is futile. But that is not the comparison you should make.

It is not the absolute value of what you do that matters, but how much it is worth to you. When you thrive to do what you value, your life will make more sense to you. Find what you value and do that, and if it changes, do that other thing. You’ll settle eventually, or you won’t, doesn’t matter, as long as you feel you are doing something of value to you.