Talking With Ducks

Ducks are great listeners, but sometimes you want something more.

You want to see someone’s eyes sparkle when you say something clever. You would like to feel the laugh of a fellow human, and get a sense of pride that you were able to make them giggle. Hear a new idea that builds upon your ideas, or read a new perspective that would influence yours.

But overall, you love to know that your words can inspire thought in the minds of others, or even the mind of just one. You would like to believe that your ideas can ever so slightly have an effect on someone. That you can give someone that sense of amazement and wonder of experiencing a new idea.

The concept of being able to instill thoughts into the mind of others is the most exciting thing I can think of in terms of human interaction. To do it is to participate in the formation of a mind, and that is something you can’t do with ducks.

That’s why I write, that’s why I talk, and that’s why I love finding new ideas and sharing them. And as I grow older, nothing excites me more than the exercise of human thought. Everything else pales in comparison. I would be willing to spend my days discovering, creating, and sharing new ideas, and for me, that would be a full life worth living.

Now while ducks deserve our attention, after all, they can walk, swim, and fly, it is our comrades who deserve our attention even more. Put your ideas out there, and let them grow and change. Let them free, out of your mind, and into the minds of others. Let thoughts choose where they end up.

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