The Discoverer & The Explorer

The creative builder, and the deep digger. I like to think that this is one classification of 2 kinds of minds people can have.

The creative is more multidisciplinary and not so into one field. Combines ideas from different fields and applies them into one to get new results. These people are the force that pushes science into unity.

The deep digger goes really hard into one thing, and gets into the complicated parts of it. This is what we need for continuous improvement. But radical change requires the first kind. Deep diggers push science into specializations.

We need both to advance. One of them guides the screw, the other one sets it firmly in there. Not everyone is purely of either type, but we’re mostly closer to one of them than the other.

If you feel you are strongly relating to one of those types, you’re probably just having a preference in your head. They’re basically the same thing. In any case, introduction of new things usually involves combining older things together. The really radically new ideas don’t happen as much.

In our minds we see ourselves in a certain way. We don’t usually need to challenge this view, but we should consider the effect it has on us, and see if it’s controlling us or if we are still in charge of who we are.

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