The Fox and The Cookie

I stand there on the edge of the cliff, about to jump. Prepared to take a dive, and maybe after that a surf. I hear footsteps on the grass, audible despite the strong winds.

“Stop! What are you doing?” Shouted the fox.

“Jumping?” I replied in arrogance.

“But why? you are still young, you have a lot to explore.” With a look of empathy on his face.

“I know.. that is precisely why I need to do this.” I hesitantly answered.

“Let me help you at least. I know life is tough and there are a lot of choices that you have to make, but at least hear me out. I can give you answers.”

“I am listening.”

“I have here with me, a cookie. Take it. Take it, but don’t eat it right away. Keep it with you for a while and then after a week or so you can eat it. Your preferences will then be known, and you will have it much easier with your life.” He came close and offered me the cookie.

I take it, and carefully inspect it. “This cookie is stale.” I said, “Maybe, but it works for me.” He replied, while looking downwards.

“But why do I have to carry it around first?” I inquired.

“It needs to know you, and understand your behavior, so that it can help you better.”

I still don’t understand why he feels the need to help me. I was quite fine how I was, but now I am worried about this cookie, and what it can learn about me, and what it would say to me.

“OK then. That’s it?” I ask politely. “Yes. But wait, by proceeding, you agree to the use of cookies, and all what that implies.” He said in a formal, serious voice.

“I guess I do.” Helpless me agrees.

“OK then, you may proceed with what you were doing.” He said as he walked away.

I put the cookie in my pocket, and proceed to the edge once again.