October 21, 2015

Life is about transition, you can’t be in the same position or place, eventually not only your mind but your body will beg you to make some move. Happens the same thing with time, it never stops.

So, if time (one of the most valuable resource we have) never stops WHY WOULD WE?

I have to admit there’s a beauty on stay still, surrounded by everyone or anyone at all.. and just stay there perceiving all in slow motion, it’s amazing to go for a walk and let your mind to get into a thoughtlessly state…

Just stay quite and listen the whisper of the wind going through the flirty tree branches.

Just stay quite and fall in love with the singing of the birds and the silence of your mind.

It’s beautiful, i agree!

But we can’t stay there, or perhaps we can, perhaps we need to know how to shut everything down and meditate in the lonelyness in our insides.

Perhaps the only thing we need is to be alone, we havent truly realized how the birds sing for us announcing another day, or how smooth are the moves of the pen between my hand timing with a piece of paper waiting for someone to create a great story or just the appointment of the day.

We can’t stay in the same spot forever.

Maybe we’ve been doing the same things for too long. Looking at the same old sunset, talking to the same old people, kissing to the same old sour lips. We can’t stay in the same spot forever.

However, i could kiss the same old lips if those are minded to go on thoughtlessly walks, incredible adventures or long movie marathons.

Same old lips, i invite you to go crazy with me, to drink out of each other young years. We cannot stay in the same place or in the same time, but we can travel through all together.

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