So, you want to study in the USA


If you want to study in the USA make sure you do your research carefully. Research is essential if it is a short course, or a PhD.

Start checking your options early and work out exactly what you need to know:

Which courses and areas of study are you interested in?

Have you decided the level of your study — undergraduate, masters?

Why have you decided that the USA is the best place for your studies?

What location do you prefer?

Which of the many colleges will best suit you?

How much are the costs involved and can you afford them?

Make sure you know the timelines for applications and requests for financial assistance.

There are many different types of universities in the USA, and not all have official rankings, so ensure you find the one that suits your needs.

The Department of Homeland Security has a list of schools that are certified for the Student Exchange Visitor Program.

Remember that many universities in the USA require the results of selected standardized tests, and these results need to get to the particular university before the application deadline.

Your finances

The cost of living varies across the USA. Although there are scholarships and other forms of financial assistance available, they are highly competitive. When you apply for admission, you need to apply for the financial assistance programs at the same time.

Check the websites of your possible options for costs, both tuition and living expenses.

Work out just how much you will need for the duration of your course of study.

The application

Make sure you have your transcripts from secondary or any post-secondary courses you have completed.

Most applications are complicated, and require essays, references and recommendation and ensuring the results of the additional tests (such as SATs,) are sent to the colleges you are applying to.

Getting your visa

Visit the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs for the information needed.

You may need to go for an interview so ensure you know why you want to study in the USA, the financial aspects of living and studying in the USA and your future plans once you have completed your studies.


Check the college website — they will have additional information for international students.

Locate the nearest office of Education USA for more advice.

You are ready to embark on this new adventure.

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