A Mother’s Changing Needs


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So, I’m standing there in the pharmacy section, more specifically the “Family Planning” aisle, with my newborn child… and I said to myself, “this is going to be good”.

To many new parents, the thought of getting pregnant so soon after having a child can be extremely…

(A) Concerning?

(B) Overwhelming?

(C) Terrifying

(D) All of the above?

As a new mom myself, I wouldn’t judge you if you choose the last option.

Since trying to have our first child, and then… actually having our first child… My life has changed completely. Now I don’t mean that as a bad thing, having my son has truly been one of the best experience in my life. But since the little egg hatched, even the simplest tasks in our daily routine have changed.

For instance, I don’t just wake up in the morning anymore. Instead, I am thrust into consciousness by the screams of a small human, way before night even turns to day. I no longer read the newspaper and enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband, like I did once either. Now, my husband drinks enough coffee for the both of us. As for the newspaper… its freshly printed pages are used to wipe off sweat, snot and spit-up from our faces.

Never mind that though, let’s get back to why I was standing there in the aisle, with baby in hand. Actually, I should probably spoil the ending for you now and say that I was staring at some Trojan condoms. But, anyway…

Just as my life has changed, my body has as well. This isn’t uncommon for a woman who has carried life inside her for nearly 9 months, as many mothers often discover that there needs have changed too. With that said, birth control options for new moms are rarely discussed openly. Instead, there are many myths surrounding the topic which have been past on over time. One common myth heard, is that mothers who are breastfeeding cannot get pregnant. While, there is some truth to this, doctors strongly agree that breastfeeding is not an adequate or reliable form of birth control. Yet, they are also hesitant to prescribe hormonal contraception to women who are nursing, as it may be harmful to the baby.

Even in cases where hormonal contraception is an option, some women just don’t feel it is right for them. There are mothers who worry they will forget to take their pill every day, as they are still adapting to their new lifestyle. Others feel it is too soon, and want to give their bodies time to heal before getting an Intrauterine device (IUD) inserted. Then there are those like me, women who are still unsure of which method would be best, and just want more time to consider other options, before making a decision.

Regardless of your situation, if you are unsure of which method to use but still want to have sex, condoms are always recommended. They are extremely effective when used properly, and have fewer side effects in comparison to pill or IUDs. Trojan brand condoms are electronically tested to ensure that ever condom meets quality standards. Thus they are safe to use, and can give you the time you need to make the right choice for you and your body. The condoms also are proven to act as a barrier against postpartum issues such as discomfort, while reducing the risk of infection, and again provides protection against pregnancy. Better yet, they are also not as boring as they once were. With various new advancements in technology, Trojan condoms come in a verity of styles, each with unique features to ensure that every couple finds the right fit.

So next time you are in the super market, why not take a stroll over to the pharmacy? You maybe standing there for a while trying to choose, like I was. But just remember that you too, will enjoy the pleasure of protection.


After you get home and… feed the baby. Burp the baby. Wash the baby. Change the baby, and put the little one to sleep.

Please Note: This article was written for academic purposes, it is not sponsored by Trojan brand condoms in actuality. Furthermore, though the author has never been pregnant herself, the details included are relatively accurate. Please follow the links embedded within the text for further information. However, it should be mentioned that usually six weeks after giving birth a new mom will meet with their gynecologist for a physical exam. During this appointment your doctor should let you if it would be safe for you to have sex, it is best to wait till then. Take this time to inquire about what birth control method maybe best for you. Though you may be physically ready, it is important to take as long as you need till you feel comfortable. The author would also like to mention that she has the utmost respect for all parents, both new and old.

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