English At The International School Of Belgium

So… I go to school, I listen, I’m an active participant in class and I love the English language. Partly because there is so much to learn about language and literature in the English language, but you can also explore the different ways on how you can manipulate the language and use it in advertisement with the use of diction and syntax, writing a blog, or even writing a book. My grandfather which I look up to till this day, even though he passed a few years ago, is one of the main reasons I keep this idea of the use of language and the manipulation of it to pass on your ideas. My grandfather went by the name of Anatole Shub; he was an author, editor and a journalist for the Washington Post. He also wrote many books such as: An Empire Looses Hope, The Return Of Stalin’s Ghost and many others. Quite frankly the reason i’m writing this, is not to inform you about my grandfather, but instead it is to talk to you about a passion worth pursuing — writing. The other day at the International School in Belgium, we had one of the most open and easy going guest speakers, or shall I say writer come in. He goes by the name of Melvin Burgess,and he went on to explain how and why he wrote his books. I became more and more intrigued on what he had to say, because he spoke as if he had this light inside of him, or should I say he woke something up inside of me. I would describe this sensation as motivation, or the wanting to know more, and why. He mainly spoke about sex, drugs, and rock and roll; but the way in which he advertised his work was made possible because of his language and literature skills. I was amazed! as one thing lead to another today 2/19/2016 In English class I was inspired to write a short whatever you want to make of this, and so it was.