Writing again, at last.

Dear Reader,

Be gentle, this is my first letter to you and as we are all aware, the art of letter writing is rapidly being lost — I can’t even recall the last time I wrote someone. After many years of not publishing any of thoughts, I feel propelled in this extraordinary time to share some intimate thoughts and ruminations on current state of affairs.

In the past I was a writer, though I struggled with letting go of my prose and not having control of the reader’s interpretation. Oh the epic and tortuously long discussions trying to convince readers that no, they had misinterpreted what I had said and that in no way shape or form was their conclusion of my words correct. But in my years I am now learning (albeit slowly) that there is no control over the reader’s interpretation of art I set forth into the world and as Elizabeth Gilbert eloquently notes in her recent book on creativity Big Magic — “the reaction doesn’t belong to you”.

As such, I will name my letters not “ a letter from me to you the reader” or some other kind, clever or thoughtful title, I will birth these letters to you under the guise of “Statement”.

Me, making a statement of how I’m thinking about things at this moment, that in no way assumes that you, the reader will see or interpret my writings as I do nor that it is even possible that you can share my perspective (though i do hope you might be able to at least consider it). It might seem presumptuous to even call these letters, as there may be no avenue for your response, I do feel emotionally tied to addressing you in that way. Perhaps I will continue with that, perhaps not. We’ll see. So without further ado, let’s commence.


A. Writer