The other day, my friend came to my house and narrated what she saw earlier in the day to me and it left me scared . Let me tell you what she told me. I was looking out of my window just to enjoy the mid-afternoon breeze like I always do every once in a while. I live in the suburbs so there is a lot to see really.

As I was enjoying the breeze, the sound of yelling interrupted the serene moment. I looked around to find what was disturbing such a perfect afternoon then, I saw a boy of about 11 and his parents. The boy was on the ground and his father was swinging his fist wildly. The mother kept shouting that he would hurt the young boy and he was drunk so, he should stop immediately. The man took a swig at his bottle of God knows what and was yelling profanities simultaneously at both the boy and his mother who was now crying and calling desperately for help. I watched with rapt attention.

The boy was begging, the mother was crying, the father was slurring incomprehensible words, the serene atmosphere was ruined; i watched. All of a sudden, the father started punching this kid and his mother was going berserk with fear. The boy started coughing up blood and I clenched the window sill. His mother could hardly take anymore of the unwarranted beating so she flung herself in front of her precious son and received his blows for him. Such mother’s love. The father was far too gone and he could hardly stop himself. He hit his own wife and the young boy just stared with wide eyes. His fist were clenched so tight I was so sure it hurt.

Before I could blink twice, the boy had a piece of wood in his hand, ready to knock the shit out of his obviously dead-drunk father but, he hesitated. Almost like he was fighting internal battles with himself. In one swift motion, he clubbed his father on the head and his father fell to the ground like autumn leaves. His mother collapsed right beside him and he was left all alone. At that moment, that 11 year boy didn’t look so 11 anymore. The gleam in his eyes was terrifying. He looked so confused and so scared of what he had just done, at the same time he looked like he was going to hit his father several times more. I couldn’t begin to phantom what caused the whole ruckus besides, it wasn’t my place to investigate.

I looked away from the scene and closed my window shut. I didn’t want to be a part of what just happened and besides, I only wanted to enjoy the afternoon breeze. After she left my house, I laid on my bed and thought for several hours on what she told me. It then dawned on me that what she just narrated to me and her reaction to the whole situation is what we call ‘Human Nature’. People go through different level of hardship and pain and they deal with it the best way they can. That boy must have kept quiet for so long that he couldn’t keep quiet anymore. My friend ,who represented the public, just watched and did absolutely nothing. She could have called for help or called the police but, she just watched until the boy made a life changing decision. I couldn’t even blame her because for some reason, I just might have done the same thing…

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