An Overview of Vinyl Pressing

Vinyl records were one of the popular trends in 90’s and again became popular again in 2009 and has stayed yet. People still purchase Vinyl records and take pleasure in listening music through them which a whole different experience from a normal DVD player. It feels much more soothing and gives pleasure. These records are mostly popular in previous generations than in present young generation. We can say Vinyl records are popular but when it comes to comparing it to DVD or digital mode then it is not so. Digital mode of music is the most popular category and is used widely. It is the easiest form of storing music. You just need to attach your phones with speakers through Aux cable and enjoy your music or simply plug your earphones to your phones and enjoy your music. This mode of listening to music is most popular in younger generation. The reasons behind this are portability i.e. you can carry your music with you every time. The other reason is affordability which is one of the strongest reasons as the younger generation is more practical than the previous generations. Their Smartphone does everything for them. It performs job of a music player, a computer, a camera and much more than that. Vinyl Pressing in comparison to digital form of music is much more complex. You need a Vinyl Player to play them and they are not portable. Vinyl pressing is also considered to be expensive but is it actually expensive? Things have changed after 2009 when Vinyl Pressing again gained popularity. Vinyl Pressing market has shown growth in these years and has maintained it even till date. Many bands are considering Vinyl records as a platform along with digital to release their albums and some have already done. Even you can press your favourite songs on Vinyl records by just giving the list of songs to the company. But yes this process is time consuming and not as easy burning a DVD on your Laptop.

Why Vinyl Pressing?

Then why to go for Vinyl Pressing when everything is going against it? Yes, Digital form of music is easy, cheap, portable and much more that. Then why to go for Vinyl Pressing over Digital form? What Vinyl records provide you is the whole new experience of listening music. It provides the pleasure which is unmatchable and provides you the feel of old times. Many record companies have come up with exciting offers to promote this type of listening mode. New Vinyl players have been introduced in the market which are portable than heavy Vinyl players used in old times. This industry has again earned a place in the market despite of everlasting competition from digital mode. But it has done much better than expected and people are adopting it again along with the digital mode.

Storage of Vinyl Records:

Also a big question comes how much music can be stored on these records? On rough aspects, a 7 inch record can have 5 minutes of music on each side at a speed of 48 RPM or 7 minutes each side at a speed of 34 RPM. A 12 inch vinyl can have about 24 minutes of music each side at a speed of 34 RPM or 16 minutes at a speed of 45 RPM.

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