I gave up eating meat a few years ago. It wasn’t for any ethical reasons, I was looking for another route to gain a performance edge. When friends would hear that i’d quit meat, every single time I would be asked the same question ‘but where do you get your protein’. This question each time was answered with an exhalation and a rehearsed answer. I was so bored of answering the same question. I felt like getting my template answer tattooed on my forehead.

As a beginner in cycling I’m absolutely sure I was asking the same repetitive questions over and over again. Absolutely wrecking the heads of senior club members or anyone a step further up the development ladder than myself.

What pressure should I put in my tyres on a wet day? What food do you bring out training? What’s the difference between Normalised Power and Intensity Factor?

As I journeyed through the sport my questions evolved and got more advanced but I always had the feeling my questions were an irritant. Also I began to become skeptical of the source of the answers.

For a long time I’ve had the idea to build a library of information. Something that was searchable. A place where you could go to get your questions answered regardless of how complicated it was. Today i’m super proud to announce that I’ve begun building such a library.

My new Youtube Channel is now live. You can check it out here



This isn’t going to be just video after video of half relevant cycling shit.


Drop me feedback in the comments boxe with suggested new topics and I’ll get your questions answered.

The first video is about how to perform a basic safety check before you go out on the bike. This is the first step on the journey.

Use this resource to inform and guide your training and let’s build it together.

I’m not really one for sentimentality, I don’t normally go in for that shit (in my toughest North Dublin accent) but it really means a lot to me that with the 100,000’s of voices on the internet you’ve chosen to devote some of your time (time being your most precious asset) to listen to me.

I’ll always be respectful and humbled that you’ve given me your time and will do my very best to bring you cutting edge and engaging content.

See you on the roads!