It takes years to become an overnight success!!

I was asked at a club talk recently about the most important quality for an aspiring bike rider. I didn’t have a single moment of hesitation. Without a doubt the number one attribute I see in all great champions is persistence.

Persistence has been the cornerstone of everything i’ve ever achieved. I wasn’t an especially smart kid in school but I just kept at it and walked away with some decent academic qualifications. When I started out in cycling I was a massive fred but I never gave up, I refused to give in and always moved forward regardless of the result.

The number 1 mistake I see people making is lack of patience. They expect things to happen overnight. We’re in a culture where we are conditioned to 15 minute meal, 10 day detox’s and 21 day meal plans. These quick fixes have become normalised. When we don’t achieve success in this short time frame we quit and come up with an excuse to make ourselves feel better.

Cycling isn’t something you can pick up for a few weeks and hope to be a champion. The champions are always the guys who never quit. Who despite setbacks and adversity – refuses to give in.

You only ever see the tip of the ice-berg with great champions. We look on in wonder and awe as Chris Froome wins the Tour but we never see the 100’s of races which he was dropped in and abandoned as a kid. We proclaim Tiger Wood’s 300 yard drive straight down the fairway as ‘a gift’ or ‘crazy talent’ but we don’t see the hours and hours he spent shanking the balls into the rough.

If you want to be a champion you must not quit EVER. Find a better way to do it, find a smarter way. When you encounter obstacles go around them or go over them but keep moving forward.

‘It’s hard to beat the guy who never gives up’