Stage Racing Bubble

That’s a wrap my 5th Ras is in the bag. 8 days have passed, I’ve pedaled 1235 km’s and climbed 25 categorized climbs.

I sit here at my desk a little sun burnt with heavy legs and attempting to extract myself from the ‘Ras Bubble’

For a long time, life for me, didn’t exist outside the bubble. I’d refer to my life in ‘seasons’ rather than years. I’d travel from stage race to stage race with a team of helpers tasked to take care of me.

The end of one stage race would mean it was time to prepare for the next one.

These days I find the end of a stage race a strange experience. I need a sort of re-assimilation into the normal world.

I often find myself, arm out stretched, with coffee cup in the air calling for a refill or wondering why the shopping bags I left at the end of my apartment stairs haven’t been brought up and left on my bed for me?

You become absolutely dependent on the team staff. My only job for the entire week was to ride my bike – the incredible support staff at Aqua Blue looked after everything else.

The morning after you get home the volume is turned down on life. You go from the stress, noise and colour of the peleton to your mute office desk.

You become accustomed to being surrounded with 4 friends who share every experience with you for an entire week. There is a constant banter, collegiality, bonding and communal suffering that goes on. Both positive and negative experiences gel us closer as a team.

We didn’t have the best of luck this week with some crashes, mechanical and misfortune but we’re a better closer team for the experience.

Fatigue will subdue, cuts will heal and the gig will go on.

See you all on the roads soon.