My Experience. From LA-based pop artist Joseph Lee

ST.VICE, 2015

Often times I enjoy classic art more for its historical context than aesthetic value. As a viewer, you are able to get a glimpse into their socio and political climate under which the artist produced his/her work. I admire photojournalists in the same way for their ability to document their relative environment. As a portrait painter, I am inspired to produce work that captures and reflects my time.

My approach to any painting is to shut down that side of the brain that talks too much and go. Don’t think too hard. Don’t try to “create”. Whatever you were going to produce is already in you. Just pick up a brush and paint. I put on Howard Stern and all my anxieties and concerns for that day are muted. I’ve never tried meditation but I believe painting is the closest thing I have. It’s the only aspect of my life that I have complete control. At this point in my early career, I value process over philosophy.

Pretty Vigil, 2016
Revisionist 3rd, 2016
MentalmartialartDEFEND!, 2016