August, 13th, 2017. This weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, we watched from across the country, as hundreds of torch-wielding white nationalists marched through this town, intending to attack and intimidate through a “Unite the Right” rally in opposition of a plan to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general, from a city park. These violent, racist acts are tragic and intolerable.

This is blatant domestic terrorism, with racially driven actions, we have been reminded over time [is] not behind us. …

By Trinity Saves

July 6, 2017, will mark the one-year anniversary of Adventists for Social Justice (ASJ). After the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in 2016, two young Black adults, Tiffany Llewellyn and Jermaine Robinson decided to create a space for Christians to advocate for justice. Thus, Adventist for Social Justice was born. That same evening, a Facebook group was created and within 24 hours, 2000 people joined the group. Amazed by the positive feedback to the Facebook group, the founders hosted a conference call to organize/mobilize members, and discuss strategies and ways to develop the movement. …


Adventists For Social Justice

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