Cloud Firestore Quicktip — DocumentSnapshot vs. QuerySnapshot
Gerwin Sturm

Hi Gerwin, thanks so much for the article. Is this at all related to this:

The issue here is that when using AF5 .snapshotChanges(), if I’m on a page that displays document data, and i hit my custom ‘delete document’ button, it correctly deletes the document and redirects back to a list. However, in the console it reads:

“core.es5.js:1020 ERROR Error: This document doesn’t exist. Check doc.exists to make sure the document exists before calling”

At a guess, I think it’s an observable that realises the document is no longer there before routing back to a different view. However, I don’t want to use the ‘.get’ method because I want users to see live updates to the document.

I’m new to this, so any advice on how to best approach this would be great.


  1. View a document and see live changes
  2. Hit delete button
  3. Navigate back to a list view
  4. Not have the error in the console
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