An ode to my little paws

Born amidst suitcases , dust and newspapers he meowed out to the dim lit room 
Eyes shut for weeks, he searched for some light in the voices of the tenants 
With him came two others ,one lost the battle and was given taken away ,teary eyed
After weeks, he saw his foster parents for the first time
They took him in their arms,fed, and he fell into a deep slumber
Little had they expected,their arrival in that one room dwelling 
In a month he was left with them 
Good byes to his mom ,who’d soon hiss at his sight as four lives had again sprouted in her
Birth partner taken away by other foster parents 
He was left all alone
Little did he know he was under the kindest roof with one overly caring mom and another who refused to touch him but poured out all heart, feeding and guarding him
Every week he’d run and hide under the cot , yet they managed to find him always and bathed him
As all this happened the three of them didn’t realize that they had become a family , an unusual one 
But happily ever after doesn’t exist right ? It doesn’t.
Only to be torn away from them before his first birthday by cruel owners and co tenants 
The rusted sign that read “ pets not allowed “ finally managed to wield its power

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